Philosophy and the Modern World

Ataturk once said, “If you know how to think correctly and you are on your way to doing something right, you will surely succeed”. This leads us to the necessity of correct knowledge in philosophy. Philosophy is known as the “fundamental nature of knowledge.” In the modern world, philosophy is the foundation of critical thinking and making informed decisions. There is some prejudice that philosophy is useless and that it is a waste of time because the facts are not scientifically proven. Philosophy forces everyone to think more and dig deeper into their beliefs and thoughts. It guides people on their way to making a critical decision. Moreover, it is the key to “keeping your life together.” Philosophy helps in the key moments of our lives by forcing us to ask reasonable questions to make vital decisions for our future.

From the moment the human mind starts to make decisions, the question “This or that” never comes to an end. An individual who knows the necessary steps of “thinking correctly” has already solved the greatest secret of life. Being able to understand what is best for oneself is a privilege and a gift that helps to succeed in life. The modern world brings the capability of careful analysis and deliberate reasoning, precisely the skills emphasized in the study of philosophy. The elemental abilities obtained in philosophy increases the accomplishment rate in lots of popular professions in the modern world like medicine, law, or engineering. The philosophy of medicine seeks to establish what medicine is, what it should do, and how it should do it. These three steps are the substructure of philosophy. Medicine also seeks possibilities and options on how to propose the best cure for a disease. As for the law, knowing how to think critically is the key to become a successful practitioner in the modern world. In court, thinking fast and giving the correct answer in defense is the best way to win. Providing the needs to know, one of the essential aims of philosophy appears as an indispensable element in achieving absolute justice. This makes philosophical thought essential in legal practice. Lastly for engineering, the multi-layered handling of the situation of engineers, on the other hand, requires not only knowledge but also philosophical meaning to events. Deciding what to create and its benefits to society are the necessary parts of engineering. Being able to come up with different ideas each time is pretty challenging. Otherwise, it is possible to think that every problem has only one solution, eliminating potential options is another way to become stagnant as an engineer.

With increasing complexity, the value of philosophy is at its highest in the modern world. The modern world is full of upcoming opportunities for the ones who know how to take advantage of them. Society is evolving day by day, which leads to new doors opening in front of us, new opportunities, and a better, successful life awaiting us. Life is a complicated game. The question is do you want to be the dull, quiet player or the unique, questioning player who asks the right questions? Just like the famous philosopher and physicist Isaac Newton said, “Live your life as an Exclamation instead of an Explanation.”